Tropical is a perfect home stay to stay with utmost comfort and care in the lap of Kuruva Islands. Its greenery and well fit outdoors spreads over more than thousand square meters. With well designed area of more than sixteen hundred square feet in ancient Kerala architecture it happily accommodates your fourteen friends or family members. With love we serve delicious Kerala, South Indian, North Indian and Continental Dishes. Ambient weather proof parking and separate driver cottage makes you more comfortable. We support you with best tour guides and cabs to ensure your trips around an amazing one. We have a good palette of trips to nearest destinations to suit the real traveler in side you.


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Palvelicham Wayanad
Kerala 670646.
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Bamboo Rafting

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If you are a nature lover to the core, then you wouldn’t want to miss the Bamboo rafting at Kabani River. This unique eco-tourism program allows you to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the forests.

Every destination has its own soul. We explore the best destinatons in Wayanad and Coorg with fun joy and adventure. Our Team of Tour Guides and Navigators makes your trip amazing. At each destination we plans and deliver the best moments to you from experience and outlook satisfying the real traveller in you.

Mountain climbing

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If you are keen on mountain climbing, there are some spots where you can enjoy the sport. Chembra Peak in Wayanad is a popular point for mountain climbing. It will take you one full day to climb the mountain Of course, snacks and water are must-carry items. The climb can be steep, rough, and you will have to suffer through mist obstructing the view.

Living in tree house

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This is one of the most invigorating experiences of staying in this enchanting land. You can stay at the tree-houses where you can actually see for miles and spot the different animals from the vantage point. Elephants, tigers, leopards, pigs, wild boar, bears and plenty of other animals may walk right below your tree-house. Get acquainted with the majestic beauty of Kerala forests and observe the subtle, yet myriad aspects of the forest life right from your tree house It will be a lifetime experience because you can listen to the chirping of the various birds in the morning, enjoy the sun’s rays peeping through the dense trees and the rhythmic hum of the beetles in the evening


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You can go into the forests at and walk along with elephants. There will be expert guides to help you spot the other animals and a walk along the dense forests with comfortable is certainly inspiring, can even cook in the jungle, enjoy a simple meal, sleep in the tent and if lucky, you can certainly spot a tiger. Trekking will certainly give you a taste of the mysterious forests of Kerala. Come and crack the mystery.

Wild Life Safari

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Living in a tree house will give you a ringside view of the forests, but going on a wildlife safari will definitely take you beyond all that. The biodiversity of the country and the amazing flora and fauna will invoke a deep sense of resoluteness in you, and through that you will realize the importance of protecting the natural beauty, without which, mankind will be extinguished like the snuff of a candle. Both day and nocturnal safaris are available to tourists.

Attraction Around Tropical

Tropical is close to Many tourist highlights
In Wayanad And Coorg

Kuruva Dweep
Pookode Lake
Cembra Peek
Muthanga Tholpatty
Nagarhole Park
Thirunelli Temple
Karlad Lake
Iruppu Falls
Lakkidi View
Banasura Sagar Dam
Kanthan Para Falls
Pazhassi Raja Tomb


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Traditional home made kerala cuisines.

T.V, Free Wifi Internet facilities.

Laundry Services.

Spacious bathrooms with hot water.

Car rental and guide service


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